Design-Build to Suit

Build-to-suit projects are interior tenant improvments (TI) with a specific tenant in mind. It's the other side of the TI coin. The flipside are improvements to lease or sell a building that are more widely appealing for the general population.

Most of our interior TI and build-to-suite projects are done through the design-build process so you may want to hop over there to see more variety.

Some of our Interior TI Projects Include:

Matrix Services

RC&M, Inc. was responsible for the design and construction of a 19,870-SF two-story office building and a 32,400-SF metal manufacturing facility for Matrix Services.

The office structure was improved and included eleven HVAC units and a 400AMP service panel.



RC&M, Inc. was commissioned to design and construct a 23,000 square foot facility for the world manufacturer and distributor of Gucci Timepieces.