Seismic Retrofitting

How do I protect my building from an earthquake?

Answer: Earthquake (Seismic) Retrofitting.

Seismic or earthquake retrofitting does not have the glamour of its project counterparts. The work isn’t always on display afterward. It’s just strategically placed Simpson hangers and structural steel. Yes, just the kind of work that may save your life.

What assurance do we have when the Big One hits? The retrofitting is your assurance.

Thankfully, we are rarely reminded of this necessity until the earth shakes beneath us and we see the damage on television.

Recently, a 6.0 quake hit the Napa area. It was the seismic retrofitting that saved lives.

“We expect to see some damage, but we really want to prevent the loss of life. And so far it sounds like we really did a nice job of that up in the Napa area” Michael Cochran, President of the Structural Engineers Association of California.

Some retrofit projects are done from the roof and are usually coordinated with a reroof. Other types of retrofitting can be done from underneath the roof structure within the interior of the building. It really does depend upon your building and how the structural engineer designs it.

Know that Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. is here to both coordinate the design with our structural engineer and perform your custom retrofit.

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