Listening on Social Media - #ConstChat 11/5/15

Social Listening – #ConstChat Recap

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Thanks to Tess Wittler for the topic suggestion:

Twitter turned their favorites (star) into likes (hearts) this week.

Some of us weren’t that happy. Gifford Associates pointed out that it’s not very professional looking.

I’m not that happy but Twitter didn’t ask me.

But on to the topic and recap.


As marketers, sometimes we do a lot of the talking. Imagine if you went to a party and you never allowed anyone else to speak. If all you did was talk about your troubles and triumphs, people may be interested for a while, but at the next party your tales may be actively avoided.

Another scenario is your stories aren’t relevant for the crowd. They struggle with putting food on the table and you’re complaining about reading a book on the beach. Wrong topic for the wrong crowd. Change the demographics and your complaint is heard and empathy outpours. We call this being relevant.

A key factor to social media relevance is listening and conversation. I mean, this is how you really know if yourre relevant. Yes?

So, how do we optimize our social media efforts to factor in listening?

The Questions & Highlighted Responses:

Q1. How can you listen on social media?


Q2. Do you use lists to separate demographics?

By the way, my post on why and how to use Twitter Lists is here.


Q3. Do you have Google alerts?


Q4. Do you listen to people talk about your competitors?


Q5. What kind of ratio of tweets / replies shows someone is listening say on Twitter?


Q6. How can you listen offline?


Q7. What are your listening tips?


How do you listen on social media?


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