Retail work has its own challenges, especially with storefront presence needs and curb appeal – not to mention the interior needs that vary as much as the brick-and-mortar retail establishments

349 Old Newport

349 Old Newport in Newport Beach, CA, received some exterior work and a trash enclosure.

349 Old Newport in Newport Beach, CA, received some exterior work and a trash enclosure.

If you’ve ever got the fly-on-the-wall view of a busy restaurant kitchen you may be overwhelmed by the noise and movement. You may gain an appreciation for the amount of coordination it takes to prepare a deceptively simple meal.

Were this busy kitchen filmed in slow motion it would be a glorious ballet. Can you imagine two chefs in the same kitchen?

Affordable Portables

Affordable PortablesWe are proud to announce the completion of the exterior upgrade to this AT&T Store franchise operated by Affordable Portables located at 2900 Los Feliz Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

Sometimes people do judge a book by its cover, and this cover needed some extra love.

Not only did the renovation include a new four-ply built-up roof with Title 24 compliant, energy-saving cap sheet, but this building received cosmetic surgery with new wall furring, stucco, cornice moldings, and red brick veneer at the built-up façade extensions topped off with custom-fabric awnings.

Newport StationersThis 28,000 square foot retail / corporate office building was presented with the the Office Product Dealers’ Award for Excellence. The first floor featured 9,000 square feet of retail store in a prime Irvine location.

Marble floors, a 6,000 square foot print shop housing four offset presses, a photographic dark room, machine repair department, warehouse, and an elevator are some of the notable features of this project.

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