“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Design-Build – A Better Way to Improve Your Building

We agree that “design is how it works.” It is why we recommend the design-build process for your next office expansion, build-out, or remodel.

Through our firm’s early involvement in the planning stages of a project and our knowledge of cost-efficient construction methods and handicap (ADA) code compliance, we are able to guide the design and construction to completion in a timely and competitive manner.

Since 1977, we have specialized in this type of construction and are able to bring value engineering ideas to your project as well. The design-build process (as opposed to hiring an architect yourself, going through the design concept, having them put drawings together, and then putting those drawings out to bid), saves you time and, therefore, money. It’s a win-win.

It’s no secret that Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. specializes in design-build tenant improvements and new building construction, especially since Tom Riggins has a construction engineering degree from Cal Poly. Our approach to construction from an engineering background allows us to streamline the entire process for you, our client. Read more on our blog post “It’s No Mystery Why Design-Build is Your Best Bet”.

Please read more about some of our recent design-build projects below:

RBC Transport DynamicsWe are proud to announce the completion of the design-build RBC Transport Dynamics project right in the heart of Orange County, California. The goal for this project was to create a cohesive facility on this two-building, two-shift manufacturing campus. The caveat is that the work had to be performed while maintaining their production levels at 100%.

The two buildings were unified and upgraded and the once-vacant dirt lot north of the building was transformed to allow fluid access around the facility. A new storm water retention system and bio swale filters rain water runoff before it enters the main catch basin, leading to the ocean.

The project is one of our proudest moments of coordination.

Before and After Photos are on our Facebook Page

Anne Street Fire DamageDesign-build isn’t just a benefit for new construction or tenant improvements, it can also be a better choice for repair and restoration projects.

This project included epoxy injection repairs in the tilt-up concrete panels, the replacement of two tilt-up concrete panels (video here), as well as a voluntary seismic retrofit for the building.

More project photos are on our Facebook Page

RBC Bearings TIWe were contracted as the Design-Builder to repurpose this tired warehouse / office space into a functioning, specialty bearing manufacturing plant.

This project included epoxy injection repairs in the tilt-up concrete panels for structural and waterproofing purposes, electrical service upgrade, a bridge crane, specialty footings, a foundation pit for a semi-recessed 2,000 ton press, expansion of the office spaces, and more.

349 Old Newport Ave Trash EnclosureWe were contracted to make the necessary ADA/handicap parking and path-of-travel site improvements.

This included raising the sidewalk to the interior slab level, adding a curb and truncated domes, and an ADA-compliant parking stall and appropriate signage.

Sometimes we perform jobs on behalf of an owner to fulfill his part of the lease requirements. This is the case with our newly completed project. We worked alongside and in concert with the tenant’s general contractor

Also included was a trash enclosure.

Avatar Machine TIWe are proud to announce the completion of a second design-build, interior tenant improvement project for Condor Associates, Ltd. which, like 11101 Condor, included an ADA-required, exterior path-of-travel improvement. This project is located in the city of Fountain Valley, California.

ADA compliance is not only a Federal requirement but a key improvement to the building. During this project we focused on the outside path-of travel including an alteration of the existing parking lot. This included preparing a van-accessible, two percent-or-less sloped parking stall. Removal of existing landscaping and shrubbery was necessary to create the thirty-five linear foot, five-foot wide concrete accessible path-of-travel to the existing entry landing.

Ferrado Newport TIFor a tenant, downsizing your space is always a great option when reducing your overhead costs, especially in the “new normal.” For the building owner, losing leasable space isn’t such a great option. We teamed up with their leasing agent, our architect, and the building owner, Ferrado Newport LLC, to design-build a leasable spec-suite in their six-story office building located near John Wayne Airport.

The newly created Suite 210 also received a new breakroom with upper and lower cabinetry, room for a refrigerator, and a 15” deep microwave shelf. A copy room was added to this suite and new broadloom patterned carpeting gives this ready-to-lease suite the turnkey touch.

Through the design-build process we were able to meet the client’s leasing needs while adhering to the client’s timetable.

1 Peters Canyon - Net-Systems, Inc.We are proud of this design-build interior tenant improvement project for NET-Systems, Inc.

Before these improvements were conceived, we performed a building survey for our client as a recommendation from his real estate broker during purchase negotiations. As a result, many of the tenant responsibility items noted in the survey were corrected during the course of the improvements.

For example, since the building had been constructed, some of the HC/ADA accessibility codes had been updated and we brought those items into compliance with the new codes. We split the southwest office into two working spaces, expanded the lunchroom including a new window, and installed a remote-controlled skylight and drywall shaft in the executive office.

Through the design-build process we were able to meet the client’s office space needs while adhering to strict parking ratios within office condo complex all within the client’s timetable

Earth Island Natural FoodsWe’re proud of the design-build interior tenant improvements for Earth Island Natural Foods the manufacturing facility founded to produce Follow Your Heart’s ® line of products.

This tenant improvement project included the construction of an 1,800 square foot mezzanine and a major electrical upgrade.

While the mezzanine was being constructed, we simultaneously upgraded the power supply for this manufacturing facility to 1200A 480V 3-phase power for a future production line. We are especially proud that there was a minimal loss of production time while the entire facility was on temporary power because of our coordination with Earth Island’s internal shipping and receiving personnel.

11101 CondorThis tenant improvement project included path-of-travel accessibility upgrades at the exterior with a new ramp, hand railing, and updated parking stalls as well as four completely remodeled restrooms with new fixtures, accessories, and flooring.

This tenant improvement project included a modern, neutral color scheme which included upgraded paint, carpet, VCT, and even the break room upper and lower cabinetry and countertop.

We are honored to have been able to upgrade this facility for the building owner both in its function vis-a-vis an occupancy change from S1 to F1 and in its aesthetics as an attractive, fully functional, leasable space.

polytakfinishThis design-build project for Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc., a national supplier of temporary adhesive films, served two purposes: interior TI and creation of a leasable space.

Two multi-fixture restrooms and one unisex warehouse restroom were also added, including a large break room with ample upper and lower cabinetry.

This nearly 51,000 square foot building underwent epoxy panel injections at the exterior and interior tilt-up walls, repairs to the exterior expansion joints, and a completely new exterior paint scheme. The warehouse floors were also repaired and sealed. Taller, custom clear aluminum storefronts with medium performance blue reflective glazing and new landscaping enhance the curb appeal. The exterior building color scheme was chosen to enhance its tenant appeal.

We were pleased to be able to meet the space needs of both our client, the building owner, and their tenant, Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc., as well as design a revenue-generating leasable space.

insight-7012We were commissioned by Insight Investments, Inc. to design and build tenant improvements and exterior renovations for their Insight Systems Exchange division, receiving structural and aesthetic exterior concrete repairs but four new windows were sawcut into the 7,000 square foot office area.

This 44,000 square foot building received epoxy injections at the tilt-up walls and repairs to the concrete warehouse floors.  Four new windows were sawcut and reinforced into the north and west sides of the 7,000 square foot office area.

As a finishing touch, the exterior paint was made to match the corporate color scheme and new concrete entry ramp/stair was added to dress up the exterior and meet current HC/ADA accessibility requirements.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were contracted to renovate and upgrade twenty-two existing multi-fixture restrooms for Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. As a design-build contractor, we were able to work directly with the architect to ensure that every need of the client was met, including facilitating daily business operation.

Restrooms present unique design challenges as they are often neglected, yet are frequently affected by changes in the building code. As a design-build contractor, we were able to work directly with the architect to ensure that every need of the client was met.

We are always pleased to not only meet the client’s deadline, using a three-phase restroom renovation schedule which facilitated the continuance of the daily business operation, but to provide an aesthetically-pleasing finished product. The before and after photos tell a better story.

carnoustie-beforeafter-500It’s fun to completely renovate a building both inside and out, which hadn’t been updated since the early 1970’s.

The exterior renovation included adding a stacked stone pop-out entry element with an aluminum-banded eyebrow and matching linear metal soffit to give the entry an updated look. The old, dark bronze aluminum center-glazed storefront system was replaced with new front-glazed, vertical silicone butt-jointed storefront with horizontal banding and medium performance green glazing.

A stacked stone pop-out entry element updated the look. This facility has captured a lot of attention in their neighborhood and we’re very proud to showcase it.

Don’t just believe us, check out what our clients had to say on our reviews page.

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