Design-Build To Suit

Build-to-suit projects are interior tenant improvements (TI) with a specific tenant in mind. It’s the other side of the TI coin. The flip side are improvements to lease or sell a building that are more widely appealing for the general population.

Most of our interior TI and build-to-suit projects are done through the design-build process so you may want to hop over there to see more variety.

Some of our Interior Build to Suit Projects Include:

Matrix Services


We were responsible for the design and construction of a 19,870-SF two-story office building and a 32,400-SF metal manufacturing facility for Matrix Services.

The office structure was improved and included eleven HVAC units and a 400AMP service panel to accommodate the training ares, conference rooms, lunch areas, and 40 private offices. Knockout panels were designed within certain exterior walls on the second floor to accommodate windows for a future 4,000 square foot office expansion.

severin groupWe were commissioned to design and construct a 23,000 square foot facility for the world manufacturer and distributor of Gucci Timepieces.

This tilt-up project included 13,000 square feet of plush offices with custom-built millwork. The second floor executive offices featured vaulted ceilings, bleached oak floors, wall paneling, and exterior balconies.

Because of their high-value inventory, this project also included a large vault, as well as a watch repair area, storage, and shipping.

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