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Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. has a rich history of designing and erecting new buildings in Orange County, California. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a finished building where there once was only an empty site, its potential yet unfulfilled.

Orange County doesn’t have a whole lot of blank lots left, so our more recent projects mainly include design-build projects; hop over there to see more variety.

Click through to see some of our featured new construction projects.

Carlsbad Research Center

carlsbadresearchWe constructed a 31,200 SF two-story industrial / office facility in the city of Carlsbad located on a 1.78 acre site for Landco, LLC, one of our longest-standing clients to date (30+ years).

The structure was erected on a terraced corner lot which required 6,000 cubic yards of earthcut and 1,690 cubic cards of fill. Naturally a crib and retaining wall were both installed.

The 32 foot high structure incorporates a truckwell, 5,100 square foot second floor, and features a blue-reflective spandrel glass curtain wall at the apex of the building.

17101 Murphy Avenue

17101murphy450Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. built this 19,923 industrial tilt up located in central Irvine for Moson Properties.

Located in a prime Irvine location, this high identity corporate headquarters / warehouse facility includes many features and offers the latest in industrial tilt-up design.

A generous 3,000+ square foot office makes a comfortable space for staff and visitors. Fully-tiled walls and floors in the restrooms adds beauty and durability.

Our favorite part is the thoughtful use of trees, perimeter subs, and lawn areas which gives this building a restorative, park-like setting.

Laursen Color Labs

laursenRiggins Construction & Management, Inc. was awarded a construction management contract to work with the owner and architect during the design and construction of a two-story photographic processing facility and retail space.

We were proud to have renovated this building for a second time when it became Irvine Photographics and for a third time when it was leased to Fisker Automotive. This building has since been sold.

Danly Engineering

danleyMr. & Mrs. Hoblick contracted with Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. to coordinate the design and construction of their 25 year old structural steel firm.

This 6,000 square foot facility was constructed of split-face gray masonry block. Three-score material was installed on the lower portion of the building haloed by a feature band separating it from the basic material.

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