There are different types of restroom projects: restorations and renovations, voluntary and involuntary.

For example, a building owner may just want to return their building to a leasable state (see an example here) without upgrading the floors, counters, or fixtures. Other times, the owner or tenant wants to entirely upgrade their facilities.

Commercial restrooms, however, are heavily affected by ADA codes and are often required to be upgraded (by the issuing city) during the course of another project. This is how cities ensure that properties stay in compliance with current codes.

No matter the reason, we’re accomplished. In fact, over half of our projects include a restroom remodel to some degree. What that means for you is we can practically design and build them with our hands tied behind our back.

Are you worried about logistics? It’s true for a large corporation, a full-scale restroom remodel poses a burden of employee inconvenience and logistics. The solution, however, is phasing.

Another thing to consider with restrooms is branding. What does your restroom say about you? We discuss restrooms and branding in our blog post, “Everybody Poops, Everybody Toots, But We Like to Do it In Style.” Go check it out.

Corporate Restroom Renovation Example

TAIS-beforeafterWe were contracted to renovate and upgrade twenty-two existing multi-fixture restrooms for Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. As a design-build contractor, we were able to work directly with the architect to ensure that every need of the client was met, including facilitating daily business operation. The before and after photos tell a better story.

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