We’re a Quality, Design-Build Contractor


Are you looking for a time-tested, quality design-build contractor?

As a commercial general contractor in Orange County, California, we provide full-service tenant improvements no matter the size of the project: from dugouts to tilt-ups, water closets to roofing, ground-ups to interior tenant improvements.

Unfortunately, we do not perform any residential work. We refer people to Burgin Construction, Inc. located in Tustin, California. They also specialize in design-build. Go check out their website and let them know we sent you.

With Riggins Construction & Management, Inc., a client’s needs receive the fast, detailed touch that only a personal organization can offer. We stress close communication, acceptance of responsibility, and unyielding integrity which not only results in quality work performed on time and on budget, but in numerous, repeat relationships.

Our client base includes not just building owners and tenants. We also serve the needs of property managers and facility managers whose property portfolios often require finesse, discretion, and knowledge of their unique security protocols and building standards. We’ve even received referrals from commercial real estate brokers and subcontractors. That kind of referral network and reviews¬†speak for themselves.

It’s true that we’re known as design-build contractor; however, we also bid from construction-ready plans (Design-Bid-Build). Our customer-oriented strategy, when bidding from plans, isn’t to presume the lowest cost, leaving our client open to on-the-job surprises. As much as possible, we bid to anticipate problems and present a reality-based bid. People thank us later.

Don’t just believe us, check out what our clients had to say on our reviews page.

Do you have more questions?

Call our office at (714) 953-6333 or email Tom Riggins to set up a meeting with us. Would you do me a favor and mention you saw this page? Thank you.