Fitch Warehouse for Landco, LLC

Fitch Warehouse - Before and After

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted by Landco, LLC to restore these warehouse facilities after a long-term tenant’s lease expired.

A set of warehouse restrooms, including two showers, and a janitor’s slop sink served the industrial tenant for well over a decade, but needed restoration.

A new janitor’s sink and fiberglass reinforced paneling was installed in the janitor’s closet including code-required earthquake strapping on the water heater.

Tiles were replaced to match existing in the shower and sink areas. Sinks received new chrome faucets and drain strainer covers as did the showers.   We also relocated and installed new shower mixing valves to meet current ADA code in the two showers.

Repainted walls and a recoated epoxy floor finish made these areas shine.

We are always pleased to not only meet the client’s budget and time schedule, but to provide a finished product ready for a new tenant.

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