vocabularyIn social media, this term is used often to refer to RSS streams or twitter accounts that collect content from other sources and place them in one spot. Usually, you are required to click over to the original website to see the entire article, a convenient annoyance.

In construction, the term aggregate has a wide application of usage. I hate to admit that during a recent conversation with our superintendent, I referred to aggregate as “all the tiny shiny rocks and stuff.”  Yes, I am all girl. By no means is that an accurate or exhaustive definition. For that we turn to our faithful Red Dictionary.

According to the Construction Dictionary, 9th Edition © 2001 published by the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Chapter #98 of the National Association of Women in Construction reglet is defined as follows:

(1) An inert material used as a filler with cementitious material and water to produced plaster, concrete, etc.  The term used in conjunction with plaster usually implies sand, vermiculite, or perlite.

(2) In the case of materials of construction, essentially inert materials which when bound together into a conglomerated mass by a matrix form concrete mastic, mortar, or plaster; crushed rock or gravel screened to size for use in road surfaces, concrete or bituminous mixes; any of several hard materials such as sand gravel, stone, slag, cinders or other inert materials used for mixing with a cementing material to form concrete.  Aggregate, in a surface course in the building of roads, is often called road metal.

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