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Fish Bowl Be Gone: Window Film is Here

Are you tired of holding client meetings in a fish bowl? Do you like the concept of a glass-walled conference room, but feel that it lacks a sense of privacy?

Do you have a retail space with a storefront display that could benefit from the aesthetics of patterned, gradient window film?

We all want the benefits of natural light, yet we shudder to think of going back to using glass block reminiscent of Miami Vice episodes.

We may have a great solution that will satisfy your desire for natural light in your workspace while adding a great aesthetic.

Tsurgi 3M Decorative Window Film

Tsurugi 3M Decorative Window Film

Photo courtesy of Window Works

We are excited to announce that among our valued list of quality subcontractors carefully cultivated over the last thirty-four years, we now have a window film specialist: Window Works, a 3M Prestige Dealer.

Window Films, both decorative and sun control, have a lot to offer.  Call us to see how we can incorporate window film into your next design-build tenant improvement project.