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What are As-Built Drawings?

asbuiltHave you ever been introduced to someone but forgot their name?  You’re afraid to ask (again) because you’ve already used all of  your I-don’t-remember-your-name-cards so you just continue in the conversation hoping you don’t need that information. That can happen with construction jargon as well.

Terms are often casually thrown around while working with your real estate professional and contractor that may have you a bit perplexed.  One of those terms is “as-builts” which is short for as-built drawings.

These drawings differ from the city-stamped set and reflect the way your tenant improvements were actually built, as changes during the course of construction are inevitable.  Any reputable contractor will provide a set of as-builts once the job is complete to both the building owner and tenant.

These documents are useful when deciding if a building will meet your company’s needs during the leasing process. They’re also necessary when you partner with a design-build contractor to make improvements.

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