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Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted as the Design-Builder to completely renovate this building located within the Irvine Business Complex both inside and out. The building had not been updated since its conception back in the early 1970’s.

The exterior renovation included adding a stacked stone pop-out entry element with an aluminum-banded eyebrow and matching linear metal soffit to give the entry an updated look. The old, dark bronze aluminum center-glazed storefront system was replaced with new front-glazed, vertical silicone butt-jointed storefront with horizontal banding and medium performance green glazing.

This storefront theme was carried into the interior office walls to maximize natural light in the open office areas from the exterior. Additional windows were added on both the south and west elevations for additional light into the building.

The landscaping and irrigation was completely replaced. In addition, the building was given both a new roof and 17-1/2 tons of new HVAC equipment.

The interior was completely gutted of its original offices and approximately 4,500 SF of new office improvements were added. Ceilings were placed at 12’ and 14’ above finished floor to give the office an open feeling and indirect/direct lighting installed.

The lobby, which includes plenty of stone and tile as well as mahogany laminate wall paneling, has, with aluminum banding, carried into the building the sleek, minimalist linear style that adorns the exterior storefront.

We are proud of this stylish, up-to-date facility.

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