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Avoid Email Pitfalls – #ConstChat Recap

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Communicating Effectively Through Email (and Texting)

What we forget about email is the recipients perception. My friend Joanne Marquez always says, “The tone of an email reflects the mood of the reader.”

So, how can you predict the recipient’s mood? You can’t always. But you do have a history of context with that person. Communicating though email is convenient; it can also be tricky.

A good rule of thumb with email is if an email bothers you, do nothing for 24 hours. Wait. Reflect. Reread. Does the tone of the email change?

When writing emails, see this blog post, say what you need to in 5 lines. Put hard returns (enter key for you young people) after each sentence. Why? People don’t read. They scan.

Merlin Mann of 43 folders gives great email tips in his Email Ninja posts.

Read some of the questions and answers below.

 Q1. What percentage of communication is done through email?

 Q2. What form of communication do you prefer?

Q3. Do you write emails the way you write blogs?

Q4. When does an email conversation need to become a phone or in-person conversation?

 Q5. What are the pitfalls of email?

Q6. Do you have any tips to make email more effective?


Q7: What was the worst email you’ve ever received at work?


What are your tips? Leave a comment below.

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