Condor Associates, Ltd.

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. is proud to announce the completion of the design-build exterior and interior tenant improvements for Condor Associates, Ltd.

condorbeforeafter-textThis tenant improvement project included path-of-travel accessibility upgrades at the exterior with a new ramp, hand railing, and updated parking stalls as well as four completely remodeled restrooms with new fixtures, accessories, and flooring.

The entire space was designed with a modern, neutral color scheme which included upgraded paint, carpet, VCT, and even the break room upper and lower cabinetry and countertop.

Four windows were installed between the office and warehouse and six more were installed throughout the office space, giving it an open feel while taking advantage of natural light.  Etched opaque window tint was added to the lower lites in the front-facing office for privacy.

The switchgear was upgraded from 125A to 200A in order to accommodate a larger electrical load.  Two new five-ton, gas-electric HVAC units with programmable thermostats and two new skylights replaced existing, older units.

The cracks and spalls in the exterior tilt-up walls were repaired by epoxy injection and repainted, the parking lot was slurry sealed and re-striped, and foil-faced FSK R19 insulation was installed under the roof of the conditioned space to comply with the Title 24 Energy Envelope requirements.

We are honored to have been able to upgrade this facility for the building owner both in its function vis-a-vis an occupancy change from S1 to F1 and in its aesthetics as an attractive, fully functional, leasable space.

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