*Rescheduled* Construction Chat Questions 7/31/14: Insulation

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This week’s topic is insulation.

Q1: Insulation: Care to define it?

Q2: What can be insulated?

Q3: What is a R-Value?

Q4: What are some types of insulation?

Q5: What areas of a home should be insulated?

Q6: What are factors when choosing insulation?

Q7: What are your insulation tips?

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One thought on “*Rescheduled* Construction Chat Questions 7/31/14: Insulation

  1. mnphysicist

    Where should the vapor barrier go? Inside, outside, both? What about taping the seams, what type of tape?

    Why would one use an open cell foam in place vs a closed cell? Do regional differences play a role?

    What happens to foam board when it gets wet? Ie air spaces in front of or behind foam board present areas for humid air pockets which condense, How do you avoid mold?

    Is outgassing still a problem with contemporary materials? If so which ones to avoid? Is corrosion of electrical equipment still an issue?

    Are there any user friendly DIY foam in place systems?

    The denim based insulations are supposed to work wonders for sound. Why is this?

    I rarely so rust under asbestos pipe insulation, where as I’ve had mixed results with foam. What gives?

    What is a reasonable asbestos replacement. Ceramic fiber blankets work wonders, but are a royal pain to deal with.


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