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Everyone starts somewhere in Social Media.  Tips and tricks we’ve all learned along the way can be especially helpful to those still navigating uncharted waters.

This interview series features twitter accounts in and around the construction industry, a growing population within the Twittersphere.  My only disclaimer is that I do not always agree with the advice.


Twitter Name: @BobBorson
Twitter Bio: I am a Dallas Architect, write www.lifeofanarchitect.com – I’m AIA, Leed AP, NCARB certified, & reigning Dallas AIA Young Architect of the Year (2009).
Company Name: Life of an Architect
City/State: Dallas, TX
Main Website:  www.lifeofanarchitect.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/lifeofanarchitect
Admin Name:  Bob Borson
LinkedIN Profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/bborson
Klout Score: 67
Followers: 3,267
Following:Follower Ratio: .80


1. When did you start your twitter account?

I signed up for the name in August 2009 but didn’t start using it until March 2010.

2. What was your biggest obstacle in twitter?

Finding the time to maintain a connection with followers.

3. How often do you tweet? Do you have a schedule?

Several times a day in short bursts.

4. What is your recommendation to new people on twitter?

Be patient and focus more on the quality of followers rather than quantity.

5. What is your favorite hashtag and why.

I honestly don’t have one – they seem to change every few days. Maybe #architecture.

6. Did you have a twitter mentor? How did that come about?

No; I jumped in with both feet and I’m still learning.

7. Can you recommend a twitter account that we should be following?

@fastcompany; they cover a broad range of current topics ranging from design, technology, to practical advice and inspiration

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