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Everyone starts somewhere in Social Media.  Tips and tricks we’ve all learned along the way can be especially helpful to those still navigating uncharted waters.

This interview series features twitter accounts in and around the construction industry, a growing population within the Twittersphere.  My only disclaimer is that I do not always agree with the advice.


Twitter Name: @ToyotaEquipment
Twitter Bio: Toyota Forklift Dealership, MHEDA member: Talk to us, we are always happy to interact and do answer.
Company Name: Toyota Lift of Minnesota
City/State: Minneapolis, MN
Main Website: ToyotaEquipment.com
Blog: toyotaequipment.com/blog/
Facebook Page:  http://on.fb.me/h7DCCU
Admin Name:  Kyle Thill
LinkedIN Profile:  http://linkd.in/GMHBji 
Followers: 18,494
Following:Follower Ratio: 0.68

TBD Thill, KyleQuestions:

1. When did you start your twitter account?

Aug 27, 2009

2. What was your biggest obstacle in twitter?

Initially it was just determining how to apply order to what looked like chaos, then determining which tools would be needed to do so.

3. How often do you tweet? Do you have a schedule?

Often, and while there are optimum times which are focused on, we will generally post regularly between 6am CDT to 11pm CDT.

4. What is your recommendation to new people on twitter?

Determine your focus or focus areas, find use something like www.Wefollow.com to search for leaders in those area, then try to connect to them and their primary peers.

5. What is your favorite hashtag and why.

#forklift – We’ll let you guess why.

6. Did you have a twitter mentor? How did that come about?

No, it was a lack of real leadership in our field that asked that we simply go forward and develop our own unique approach

7. Can you recommend a twitter account that we should be following?

There are too many to mention, but I would say that anyone would be well served to review our 20 Twitter lists and find those we have. From manufacturing through social media we have a list. List members are reviewed regularly and we work to groom them to represent good Twitter accounts.

Additional Comments:

Engage with others.  You are never too small or too damn important to do so. By not engaging you risk harming your reputation, or even your brand’s reputation more than you’ll ever help. No one appreciates arrogance.

Editor’s Note: 

Element R recently interviewed Kyle as well. Check out that post here.

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