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Hire Slowly — Fire Quickly #ConstChat Recap on Training

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Training Employees

We all get newbies. They may know our industry, but do they know how we work?

This chat was a bit more lively than even expected but the summary is this:

Hire right. Pair with Vet who knows culture and has outline of major points to learn. Rinse. Repeat.

Here are some highlights on training best practices.

  • “If the company vets the right candidates there are less bumps in the road… unless they’re necessary.” Jewett Construction
  • “Pairing a new employee w/an experienced one is a great way to provide orientation. Formal or informal.” The Ferri Group
  • “Don’t stop at one, pair them with as many as you can throughout the training.” Construction Data
  • “Also, assign mentors who can work more in-depth with the new individual from a culture perspective.” Zircon Tool Pro 
  • “I think shadowing is effective. Better than a video or “reading” a program. They get a real feel of company culture.” The Ferri Group
  • “And having someone patient that’s going to take the time to make sure that you get whatever it is and that it sticks is HUGE.” Fabuwood Cabinetry
  • “The best training is probably tailored to the trainee’s learning style.” Construction Data 
  • “Depending on the position we set up several training sessions teaching them about our products and procedures.” Hager Co
  • “There are 2 distinct sides: Job Tasks and the Culture. Likely not the same person would intro the newbie to both.” CGI Container Sales
  • “A company should always take time to train a new ‘ee, even when they’re experienced in the industry. Good way to ID bad habits.” The Ferri Group
  • “We also have a ‘customer is always right’ viewpoint, so there’s that training, too.” Window Works CA
  • “I think it’s important to make new hires aware of exactly what their role/responsibilities are & what goals you have for them.” Jorg Material Handling
  • “I think that on the job training is great because there are things that you just can’t/don’t learn in school.” Fabuwood Cabinetry 
  • “Particularly with safety, we have our own training course, a manual, guide, etc.” General Heating
  • “Cross-function training is great so employees get a feel for what everyone else does.” Construction Data
  • “Have a written training program for consistency, don’t just fly by the seat of your pants.” Construction Data
  • “Draw up a formal training plan to make sure its all covered. Include human element. Make it engaging.” Feeney, Inc.
  • “Constant continued learning is absolutely critical but a training guide can help in the early parts of the learning process.” Capital Tristate 
  • “Training should be on-going. We all want to get better and better. Never rest!” Feeney, Inc.
  • “Stay consistent, and check in to ensure employee is happy.” Fabuwood Cabinetry 
  • “If you need help with new hire training, ask your workers comp carrier or ins broker, they often have great resources.” The Ferri Group

What is your advice for training new hires?



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