NET-Systems, Inc.

1 Peters Canyon - Net-Systems, Inc.Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. is proud to announce the completion of the design-build, interior tenant improvements for NET-Systems, Inc.

Before these improvements were conceived, we performed a building survey for our client as a recommendation from his real estate broker during purchase negotiations. As a result, many of the tenant-responsibility items noted in the survey were corrected during the course of the improvements.

For example, since the building had been constructed, some of the HC/ADA accessibility codes had been updated and we brought those items into compliance with the new codes.

We split the southwest office into two working spaces, expanded the lunchroom including a new window, and installed a remote-controlled skylight and drywall shaft in the executive office.

Where there once was a shower and laundry area, we built a warehouse manager’s office with two new 6’ x 4’ windows.

Through the design-build process we were able to meet the client’s office space needs while adhering to strict parking ratios within office condo complex all within the client’s timetable.

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