Office Manager Tip: Office Work is to Housework as …

Do you remember having to fill out those analogies in school for IQ testing?  Some of them seemed obvious (boy:girl :: male:female) while others eluded me. Either way, analogies can be helpful tools for the mind when encountering new tasks or concepts.

Working in offices over the years, I have developed strategies, analogies, and general tips that have recently been formulated in a series of tweets which will be explored through this blog series.

How is office work like housework? Not to be sexist in a male dominated industry but you know. No seriously, in the posts to come I will exploit this analogy for all that it is worth; but, for now, let’s stick with the strategy.

Office work, more often than not, is routine in nature as is housework.  Much of office work is done in batches while housework can be done in loads.  When I view the workload and diversity of tasks much of the way I view housework, I find that I become more organized, efficient, and productive.


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