Organized for the Holidays – North Pole Style: An Office Manager Tip

Santa. That guy has got to be the most overworked myth in history.  I don’t even think the Tooth Fairy works as hard as he does. After all, at some point in our lives, we stop loosing teeth. Of course, he does have one advantage over her and us:  elves.

We also do not have a factory in the North Pole that works year-round, Reindeer that can deliver billions of packages faster than you can say “FedEx,” or an endless supply of Hot Cocoa.

Some offices hire extra people, seasonally, to help get things done; many of us, however, do not have that luxury.

I like to start planning holiday events in the late summer.  If there is a lull in my workload, I know what my next year’s vendor files will be, so I’ll make them. My goal every year is to plan the Holiday Card Design/Photo Shoot for October, where we get the best prices. Personally, I like to send my cards out Thanksgiving weekend, but for business we mail them around the second week of December.

That doesn’t even touch the fact that 1099’s will be due soon, our fiscal year also ends 12/31, there are several sets of new files to make, files to archive, updated forms for personnel files, along with frequent visitors with whom we like to exchange pleasantries during December.

Then there’s the matter of gift giving, lunches, and holiday parties or gatherings.  Not to mention getting the decorations and all the trimmings to deck the halls out of the attic. It’s often a challenge to coordinate these events with enough notice, let alone the demands of ongoing construction projects.

What are your tips to out-organize Santa?  How do you avoid the Holiday avalanche?

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2 thoughts on “Organized for the Holidays – North Pole Style: An Office Manager Tip

  1. SRC RefrigerationS

    Definitely agree. Getting little things done (making new folders, etc.) earlier in the year helps a lot to reduce workload in December when we’re super busy trying to organize the end of the year!


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