vocabularyWhen I first started working in the construction industry it was with roofing contractors and often you hear strange terms such as “ponding” when, in retrospect, make perfect sense.

Ponding is a condition prevalent with flat, built-up roof systems where there are drainage issues but it is not a term solely used on roofs, it can be used to describe water pooling in a parking lot, too.

According to the Construction Dictionary, 9th Edition © 2001 published by the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Chapter #98 of the National Association of Women in Construction lintel is defined as follows:

(1) Curing method for flat surfaces whereby a small earth dam or other water-retaining material is placed around the perimeter of the surface and the enclosed area is flooded with water.  (2)  The gathering of water at low or irregular areas on a roof.

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6 thoughts on “Ponding

  1. Tony Baratto

    Hey Bridget, look at you! Don’t even get me started on “ponding.” I recently authored a 13 page article on the causes, effects and strategies for dealing with roof ponding issues. It’s a fact of life for roofing contractors.

    Great Blog!


    1. Bridget Willard

      Thanks for stopping by Tony.

      I remember that being such a strange term, now it’s commonplace.

      You should give us the link to that ponding article. We’d love to share it.


  2. John Hope

    We specialize in restoration construction and use the term ponding all the time. One area not mentioned where unintentional ponding occurs is landscaping.
    I wonder when the software spelling checkers will add the word as legit.
    Have a great day.

    1. Bridget Willard

      Nice addition, John. Thanks.
      Yes, ponding needed to be “learned” by our spelling software here along with other jargon.

      Thank you for stopping by our blog and taking the time to comment.


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