vocabularyNot to be confused with Sleepy, one of the Seven Dwarfs, or sleeper as in a dormant terrorist cell, the term “sleeper” is another piece of jargon tossed to and fro in conversation among the construction industry.

A statically determinate beam

A statically determinate beam, bending under an evenly distributed load. Image from Wikipedia

According to the Construction Dictionary, 9th Edition © 2001 published by the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Chapter #98 of the National Association of Women in Construction, a sleeper can be defined as:

A heavy beam or piece of timber laid on, or near the ground for receiving floor joists and to support the superstructure; also strips of wood laid over a rough concrete floor to which the finished wood floor is nailed.

This term can also refer to the wood beams used on roof structures to support and distribute the weight of HVAC units when factory curbs are not used.

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