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Bamboo flooring at 19 Corporate Park when Fisker Auto was the tenant.

Bamboo Flooring

When you think of bamboo what’s the first image to come to mind?

Giant Pandas? Great hedges for landscaping? Well, those are primary associations, but what about for flooring?


We’ve installed bamboo flooring several times and most recently for Fisker Automotive‘s lobby.

It’s simply beautiful.

One of our twitter followers iFloor is a great source for information about when bamboo floors can be installed and even how bamboo is grown.

Check out some of their blog posts:

Fisker Automotive, Inc.

19 Corporate Park - Fisker Auto

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. is pleased to announce the renovation of this 28,274 square foot commercial office building, previously customized for Irvine Photographics. This design-build project was divided into four phases allowing the tenant to move in quickly, providing flexibility for their ongoing business operation.

The front lobby was entirely redesigned. What was previously a front counter, lunchroom, and office area was converted to a large media / conference room with a motorized projection screen, a generous break room, and a spacious office showcasing the replica of their luxury performance sedan. New 3′ and 5′ clear tempered glass doors flanked by custom sidelights completed the entry to allow the tenant access to the lobby for displaying their sedan.

The lobby’s 1,300 square foot floor was upgraded to 5/8” horizontal, solid-bamboo natural flooring while the remaining office areas received designer carpeting. Static dissipative tile, which disperses static electricity to increase safety and prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, was installed in the upstairs IT room, while heavy-traffic hallways received VCT.

Custom cabinetry and countertops were installed in the nearly 1,000 square foot expanded break room. Custom cabinetry and glass partition walls were placed throughout the new executive office areas creating a spacious environment. Continue reading