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The Office Ninja’s Sword: Proofreading

proofreadingmarks2Yes, proofreading is important even for office ninjas like me. Case in point, in my rush to email an announcement, I neglected to properly proofread the text. Unfortunately, unlike blog posts and web pages, once you send an email with Constant Contact, there’s no going back.

If you noticed the error and didn’t mention it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you didn’t notice the error, then move along-there’s nothing to see here, folks.

I do strive for Excellence. Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. has a long-standing reputation for excellence both in the field and out and it’s important to me to continue to reinforce that through our social media efforts. So you can imagine that I was disappointed to discover I had made the error.

How to recover from a proofreading disaster:

  1. Correct the mistake if you can.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Apologize.
  4. Breathe.
  5. Cry.
  6. Call your mom.
  7. Get advice from your peers.
  8. Realize you are human and, therefore, fallible.
  9. Recognize your weaknesses (repeated mistakes like homophones) and put them on a sticky note next to your computer (in eyeshot) in an attempt to avoid future errors.
  10. Write a blog post about it. Continue reading