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Google Plus for Contractors – #ConstChat Recap

GPlus for Contractors #ConstChatConstruction Chat  is a weekly chat on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.  If you’re free, we’d love you to join us.

We had a great chat today about resolutions, goals, and how to get there.

This week is focused on Google Plus, the social network we tend to ignore and ridicule. But is she really worth ignoring?

We know that if you blog, you want your content to be seen. This is especially true if you have a YouTube channel, but we can save that for another chat.

According to Pam Aungst, one of the ways to help boost your SEO ranking is your social signals from Google Plus. You can hear her talk more about SEO in the link shown in the tweet below.

Q1: Do you have a personal G+ account?

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