The Anatomy of a Trash Enclosure


So, you think fancy-pants design-build construction is just needed for warehouses and offices?

I’m here to dispel that myth.

In our project for Newport Medial Center LLC we were the owner’s yin contractor to the tenant’s yang. Many times in lease negotiations owners perform some improvements while the sandwich chain, in this case, had their own contractor.

Which brings us to the trash enclosure suite. Why do I use the term suite? Because it was much more than just a place to hide your bin, like something you would be ashamed of.

Did I stop you in your tracks?


You’d think a trash enclosure just needs a few 4″x4″ posts and some plywood but the one we both built and designed for this project in Newport Beach is fit for a king!

On the south side of the multi-tenant building we built a combination trash enclosure and washout station.

This structure was built with concrete masonry units (CMU), stuccoed, and painted. It was topped off with a beautiful wood shake roof to match the existing shake building. The roof even had a custom metal gutter and downspout. Because combustibility in an enclosed space is often an issue, we installed a fire sprinkler for fire protection.

Other features include a concrete bumper, chain-link fence, and reduced-pressure backflow valve for the wash-out station.

Hopefully, you won’t look at trash enclosures the same.

Hey, if you have a few minutes check out some of our other projects.

4 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Trash Enclosure

  1. Carol Stephen

    You really do take something simple and make it interesting. The pictures and callouts with explanations are really an inspiration. Who knew there were so many things to consider?!


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