Anne Street - Before and After - Tilt-Up Panel Replacement

Project Profile: Anne Street Fire Damage Repairs

We are proud to announce the completion of the design-build restoration to a building recently damaged by a neighbor’s fire.

The client took the opportunity, since much of the roof structure was damaged, to replace the entire roof with four-ply built-up roof system. Six skylights were replaced and two were added, increasing the natural light throughout the warehouse. Additionally, a self-flashing galvanized steel roof access hatch was installed.

A 3-ton heat pump unit was replaced and it was relocated onto a factory curb to minimize leak potential.

During reroofing is the best time for a volunteer seismic retrofit of the building and that is precisely what our client opted for. We also replaced the tilt-up panel that had been compromised structurally (it bowed outward) with two new concrete tilt-up panels.

The existing concrete panels were cracked and we repaired them with epoxy injection, which structurally welds the concrete together.

The fire-damaged concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall of the overhang and the privacy-link fence on the property line were replaced. Five holes in the east elevation, previously used for a conveyor system, were patched with steel-reinforced concrete during our scope of work.

The warehouse foil insulation was replaced in 30% of the building as well as along the entire perimeter. The inside and outside of north warehouse elevation and one panel of the east elevation were painted. The outside was painted with elastomeric paint which offers waterproofing protection.

We are proud of the fact that the tenant was able to maintain their normal business operations during construction.

Design-build isn’t just a benefit for new construction or tenant improvements, it can also be a better choice for repair and restoration projects.

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