The More Hashtags the Better – #ConstChat Recap

constchat-igConstruction Chat  is a weekly chat on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.  If you’re free, we’d love you to join us.

This week’s topic was about using Instagram to promote your contracting business.

Q1: Is your company on Instagram? What’s your handle?

Q2: How often do you post? Who posts (just you or team)?

Q3: Do you follow other companies?

Q3b. Does engagement (comments) matter as much to you on IG as it does elsewhere?

Q4: Do you connect with those you’ve met elsewhere (Twitter, et al)?

Q5: How many hashtags do you use per post?

Q6: What’s your favorite hashtag for IG?

Q7: What’s your number 1 advice for Instagram?

Bonus Tweet:

Do you have an answer you want to contribute? Feel free to add it in the comments.


4 thoughts on “The More Hashtags the Better – #ConstChat Recap

  1. ahharris

    Forgot to mention in our #constchat yesterday – here at AH Harris we use to help monitor and analyze our Instagram activities, great free tool.


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