Advocate for the Trades Early – #ConstChat Recap

Construction Chat  is a weekly chat on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.  If you’re free, we’d love you to join us.

#ConstChat - Future of TradesmenThis week’s chat topic was chosen by guest host is @HilineBuilders — future of tradesmen.

He says: “I’m curious to know who’s feeling it the most right now. We on the west are seeing a sharp increase in the work flow. And I think we’re just now dealing with the challenge of accommodating our labor needs.”

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“‘Often, a worker’s fate would depend on whether he was skilled or unskilled,’ said Cindy Creighton, the executive director of the Nevada Subcontractors Association. ‘Many unskilled workers would refer family members or roommates to jobs, and then they all would be dramatically affected during job cutbacks,’ Creighton said. There is a certain irony, though, that so many people had to leave construction, though, since the industry is now so short-handed. ‘Everybody’s just screaming for labor—you can literally go door-to-door, fill out your application, do your e-Verify, and go to work,’ she said.” ~ Alana Semuels “Where Have All The Construction Workers Gone?” The Atlantic 2/13/15

Q1: What region are you from and what’s your work flow like?

Q2: How can we meet the challenge of labor shortage?

Q3: How do you propose to increase worker retention?

Q4: How can we encourage young people to pursue the trades?

Q5: Have you contacted local Vet Affairs Office to hire vets?

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