Boom Boom: Out Go the Lights

You have a dream for the perfect break room that will serve both as a place to relax daily and a facility from which to cater your own Holiday party.  You’ve hired a general contractor, done all of the improvements, and have sent out the invitations to your in-sourced party.

People are talking, gathering, hanging out in your new kitchen/break room, as they always do.  The ovens you had installed are working well, but your mushroom puffs need a quick heat-up. All is well at your lively party until you use two microwaves simultaneously to heat up your hors d’ oeuvres. Better light some candles, because you’ve just blown a circuit.

If your break room only included one microwave, it was designed that way for a reason.  Microwaves use between 1,200 and 1,700 watts which requires a separate 20 Amp circuit for each microwave installed.

It’s important for you communicate your usage intentions with your design-build contractor. He will be able to keep your party in the light and, you, out of the dark.


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