Keeping It Cool – #ConstChat Recap

constchat-keepcoolConstruction Chat was started May 8, 2014, to build community among the construction-inclined.

This weekly chat is hosted by Riggins Construction Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.  We’d love you to join us, if you’re free next week.

(I put a reminder in my calendar. Otherwise, even I would forget.)

This week’s topic:

This week’s topic is inspired by a recent tweet from one of our chat regulars, Window Works:

This topic reminded me about what I’ve heard about Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright. He used the natural landscape, wind direction, indirect light, and earth to keep the facility cool. My husband worked there while he was in college planting olive trees in the wash.

This morning he said,

“You can’t believe, in the middle of summer, how cool it was.”

So, that’s my inspiration for today’s chat. Maybe we should just build smarter, you know?

Below are the questions, as asked, and some highlighted answers. Some weeks there are so many great answers, it’s hard not to include them. I apologize for the length in advance. The purpose of the recap is to give you, the reader, some insight.

Q1: Does your building have air conditioning?

Q2: Have you taken measures to naturally keep your building cool?

Q3: Is your workplace dress code relaxed during the summer?

Q4: How do you keep the field guys cool during jobs?

Q5: What are your tips for staying cool?

Q6: Do you have any money saving tips for the summer?

Q6b. Do you any of you change your work hours during the summer?

Q7: What is one of the heating or cooling myths you’ve heard?

Bonus Tweet:

Talk about great minds thinking alike! United Site Services was writing a blog post: “Construction Job Site Safety: Tips to Avoid Heat Illness.” Check out their link in the embedded tweet below.

Do you have an answer you want to contribute? Feel free to add it in the comments.

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