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What’s Your Water Cooler? Mine is Twitter

Twitter is the water cooler. It continually amazes me when people ask if you can really get to know people on Twitter. Yes, you really can get to know people on Twitter.

Often non-users have a notion that the conversations on Twitter are senseless and meaningless. Do they think we have epic conversations about how to solve the universe’s problems in real life? No.

In every office around this country, we all¬†talk about the small things around the water cooler every single day of our lives – the commute, the weather, last night’s American Idol episode.

We all snack, use the restrooms, walk out of the lobby, check the network printer. And in those moments we bump into each other and small talk ensues.

Twitter is just an extension of that basic human behavior. If, that is, you choose to participate.

In our recent interview by MyFixItUpLife.Com, Theresa from My Fix It Up Life asks,

“Is it a bonding experience being on Twitter?”

After Carol answers, I chimed in:

“It’s the water cooler without geography; this is how we bond as humans.”


“You’re a genius!”

Did he say that because I am? No. But it suddenly clicked in his brain. I love those lightbulb moments. Click play below (or here) to watch that moment.

Does that strike you as odd?

Maybe factory workers still have to work in silence, but gone are the days where creative employees are discouraged from taking with one another.

TDC Collaborative SpaceCorporate offices are now specifically designed to include collaboration. We’ve noticed this in a few of our recent projects as well where even tables will be set aside for impromptu meetings. Continue reading