Six blogs I actually read

Five Business and Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

Social Media Junkie?
Self-Improvement Nut?
I’ve certainly been accused as much.

Well, if you want to pick my brain, you can read this blog; even better, go to the source.

So what kind of material do I read? I read quite a lot of blogs. As for paper books, I have a few marketing and productivity books both on my shelf and in my reading queue.

On the list of reading material also includes trade magazines that come in the mail, yes, that are made of actual paper. Sometimes, you just have to give your poor eyes a break from the blue screen. Perhaps I’ll feature some of those periodicals in a future post.

Information comes at us, especially Twitter users, at break-neck speeds. There are two primary ways that I cut through the clutter to get to the good stuff.

Disclaimer: I read a lot of different blogs. These are the ones that I consistently read related to marketing, business, productivity, and time management.

1. Subscribe to the email list of your favorite blog.

2. Put their Twitter account on a list.

So many people blog about lists of things and being a list geek I’m naturally inclined to respond to a tweet like this one:

And, as promised, here is my list of six blogs I consistently read. Some I get email notifications from but they are all on my “Professional Development” list on Twitter.

1. Harvard Business Review

I’ve loved this one the longest. Their posts are mostly short and to-the-point. That’s my kind of blog.  I’ve even used a quote from one of their pieces in my email signature.

“Make a conscious effort to speak less and listen more.” Harvard Business Review  

2. Brain Pickings

This one has longer posts and is definitely more on the science side of the spectrum. However, I find they have a significant amount of click throughs from me, ah-ha moments, and I-didn’t-know-that head scratches that qualifies their listing herein.

Check out: Design in a Nutshell: One-Minute Animated Primers on Six Major Creative Movements

3. Copyblogger

I fear that one day Copyblogger will realize that ninety percent of what I know (albeit little compared to an MBA) about marketing essentially has come from their blog and send me a bill for tuition.

Check out: The Power of a Double-Whammy Headline: How to Increase the Chances of Your Content Being Read

4. 99u

Along with Brain Pickings, this blog is a bit on the geeky side mixing science, creativity, and management. That said, I find it a refreshing diversion and quite thought-provoking at times.

Check out: The Secret to Feeling Energized at Work? Autonomy.

 ** The Build Network was originally part of this list but no longer exists.

5. UnMarketing

Scott Stratten has a book by the same name which I recommend highly along with this blog that rants about customer service, human resources, social media, and email marketing. His sense of humor is disarming and most of his opinions I agree with.

Check Out: How Delta’s Tweet Saved the Brand Day

Again, one of his quotes made my email signature.

“Every employee is your brand ambassador, your marketer, and the face of your company.” Scott Stratten: The Book of Business Awesome


What blogs are you reading?  Leave recommendations in the comment section below.

12 thoughts on “Five Business and Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

  1. rosspetr

    Business marketing is the practice of individuals or organizations, such as commercial businesses, governments and institutions

    1. Bridget Willard

      Oh for sure. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, read, and comment. I appreciate it. Scott Stratten, by the way, only blogs when he has “something awesome to say.” So you don’t get inundated with weekly mediocrity.


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