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Construction Publications

Construction Industry Publications To Read

Quite a while back I wrote about the business blogs I read. It’s time for a construction industry roundup.

There’s a lot out there. I know, “out there” is vague. But it’s true. You are a Google search away from just about anything you want to know.

To write for an industry, you have to read their publications. Here’s what I read.


Construction Dimensions

Isn’t it funny which one becomes your favorite? It’s hard to believe that a drywalling rag could be my favorite but I love the writing.

The paper magazine has sections for management, supervision, and estimators that can be useful, frankly, for any trade. The online version has very few in the archives, unfortunately.

Concrete Construction

So much of our work in Southern California involves concrete. As you may have read from our epoxy injection post, we have quite a few tilt-up buildings here, and they often need to be repaired or even replaced (we did that, too).

An example of an article that’s helpful to anyone, not just concrete contractors is “Keep Architectural Concrete Looking Great.” ┬áThis article discusses aesthetics, mix design, reinforcement, and waterproofing. Continue reading