Tom at a Tilt Up Project 11/20/1989 in Lake Forest.

Reason Number 8 to Blog: Getting to Know The People Behind the Brand

There are many reasons that a company should have a blog and we covered a few of them back in this post including authority, creativity, perspective, focus, and social sharing.

Reason 6 to blog is to be found by people and loved by search engines. Yep. People ask “how to fix cracks in concrete tilt-up panels.”

Reason 7 to blog is problem solving. When you blog to solve a problem, you’re serving your audience (current and potential clients).

Reason 8 to blog: Familiarity

Another reason to blog is so that people can get to know you and your company a bit better. On one of my past anniversaries, I did a “Featured Tweeter” spot about myself for that reason.

Getting to Know Tom Riggins

For this blog’s five year anniversary, I’m highlighting Tom Riggins, our President.

Tom isn’t just a board member and off-site owner. He is our primary project manager. This means he meets with clients, hosts jobs walks with subcontractors, estimates jobs, coordinates with our design-build team, and makes time for building surveys, a client favorite. Now, that’s a lot of hats!

Growing up in the construction industry gave Tom years of experience beyond his age in estimating, project management, and supervision of new, remodel, and tenant improvement work.

In addition to earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering from CalPoly Pomona, Tom has acted in all capacities on major tenant improvements, general engineering, as well as new industrial and commercial tilt-up buildings.

In 1999, as President, he streamlined our procedures, incorporating anticipated growth. Tom’s detailed, yet personal, approach ensures the successful completion of each project to the client’s satisfaction.

Tom Riggins Bike Ride 011715

Tom Riggins out for a bike ride – 1/17/15

Tom may seem “all business” during a meeting but that’s because he’s focused on accessing and meeting your needs. As a husband of over 25 years and father to two college students, Tom brings his family-oriented perspective to the workplace.

We’ve worked with several clients and subcontractors for 30+ years. Loyalty, communication, and trust are important core values.

When Tom isn’t bidding, doing a building survey, or hosting a family get-together, he can be found riding his mountain bike in places like Chino Hills State Park.

You can read more about our history and see a photo of Tom in his teenage years here.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn, too.

4 thoughts on “Reason Number 8 to Blog: Getting to Know The People Behind the Brand

  1. Laura Kinnard

    Just participated in the #ConstChat on Twitter which led me to look at the blog and the website.

    Love this post about why a company should blog. I also teach a class on blogging, as an aside, I think I will point to you guys as an industry that is not the usually suspect when you think of blogging but how you guys really get it right!

    Thanks for the live Twitter chat today. I plan to jump on when I can each week. Thurs. 9am PST 11am CST 12pm EST.

  2. Eleni Christianson

    Great stuff always! I agree with Laura. Being in construction myself, you guys really do a knock-out job of blogging – not to mention your endeavors in social media and the Internet in general are worthy of praise for doing it right!


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