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Digital Influence Panel – You Are What You Tweet

our business cardsHere is the recording of my talk “You Are What You Tweet” from the ACEC California‘s Digital Influence Panel at their annual conference 4/10/13.

I mention iFLOOR.com and Burgin Construction Inc. as my first AEC connections as well as SafetyTeddi and WindowWorks.

Another shout-out was given for CustomerSpecs‘ clever use of tea in #MarkeTea.


“When you have a relationship with a person, the logo has meaning.”  Tweet This

I also reference the customer service experience we had with one of the employees of Earth Island Natural Foods discussed in this blog post.

The Youtube playlist of all of the panelists is here.

My reflections on the Google Hangout On Air of this talk are here.


4 thoughts on “Digital Influence Panel – You Are What You Tweet

  1. Bill Buyok

    Nice job, Bridget! I love how you always make it very clear that is the conversation is what we need to focus on. And, you always provide ways to be polite and considerate.

  2. Carol Stephen (@Carol_Stephen)

    This was such a fantastic presentation. On the face of it, it doesn’t look cool and sexy, but your use of new technology is way more cutting edge than anyone might know. So besides the content itself, the way you presented it is and was compelling. As always, the focus on the relationship is key to using social media, and you do a great job!

    1. Bridget Willard

      The room’s lighting was wacky and we had so many problems with the A/V equipment.
      Thanks for the kudos. The hotspot worked for the first 30 minutes or so (for the Google Hangout On Air – and thanks for live tweeting that), but fell asleep during my presentation. I only wish I didn’t react during it.
      Fortunately, I did bring my regular camera.

      Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment, Carol. I really appreciate it.


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