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Jumping on Trends #ConstChat Topic for 3/19/15

This week’s chat topic is about trend jumping.

Jumping on trends is very controversial. Is it real marketing or a waste of time?

Most recently we all encounter The Dress.

When the debate about whether The Dress is black and blue or white and gold filled up Twitter and Facebook, people were either jumping on the trend or raging against it.

Adweek highlights some marketing wins here.

What about the Construction Industry and The Dress?

Behr paint jumped in on The Dress with these two tweets.

Sean Lintow wrote a blog post reminding us as builders should invest in color swatches and samples to show clients in person. The Dress debate reminds us that you never know how someone will see color online.

Lots of answers. Lots of scrolling.

Q1: How do you first hear about trends?

Q2: Should marketers jump in on trends?

Q3: Is it harder for the construction industry to jump in on trends?

Q4: When is it too late to jump on the trend?

Q5: What’s the ROI of jumping on a trend?

Q6. Can you share a good example of a company jumping on a trend?

This is the saddest bunch of answers. I could only come up with Behr Paint. We need to work on our coolness factor.

Bonus Tweets:

What’s your two cents?

Do you have an answer you want to contribute? Feel free to add it in the comments.

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